Stew recipe


400 gr. veal (tender garret)
150 gr. chicken
1 kilo of Chicken (2 pieces of thigh and thigh)
2 white veal bones (knee)
1 bone of pork backbone.
A piece of beef rib
Optional: a piece of pork foot and white bacon
400 gr. minced pork (4 balls come out)
2 chicken livers
a piece of bread soaked (about 60 gr.)
500 gr. of stalks (thistles)
500 grams of chickpeas (if frozen, put last minute with the potatoes)
4 carrots
a napicol
a parsnip
a white turnip
4 medium potatoes
4 kale leaves
4 cups of rice (coffee size) It is a quarter less
a handful of pine nuts
3 liters and a quarter of cold water
(It is counted 3 cups of a quarter per person, taking into account that a lot will be consumed in cooking that will last 3 and a half hours).
(Remember that with this measure they can eat more than 4)


In a bowl mix the minced beef and pork, the finely chopped chicken liver, the very drained and undone bread, with the pine nuts, a good handful of fresh parsley, finely chopped, salt, pepper, and cinnamon and salt. The yolk of an optional egg. With this mixture, we make the 4 balls that we will wrap with cabbage leaves (curly and dark green)


We fill the casserole with 3 liters and a quarter of water. We put it on the fire and first we add the veal, chicken, the bones, and salt. On high heat 20 or 25 minutes. Skim and leave an hour and a half more, over low heat.

After that time, we add the leaves and the vegetables, except the chickpeas. We keep the heat low for 15 minutes. Then we add the chicken and the balls (if we see that the chicken and the balls do not fit well, we remove the bones to have space). We raise the heat to high, a few minutes, and then we will keep it slow for an hour and a quarter. BEWARE! ………… 45 minutes after we have put chicken and balls, we add the peeled and whole potatoes, raising the heat for 3 minutes so that it comes to boil again and we keep it slow for another half hour. In total, since we put the chicken and balls and then the potatoes and chickpeas it will be an hour and a quarter.

We turn off the heat and very carefully, we will pour the broth (tilted the casserole with the lid just open) into another smaller casserole (18 in diameter by 11 high), straining it. If there are 4 servings, we will fill the casserole with about 2 liters of broth and reserve the rest. (If there is a little leftover, save for consommé,) and put it to boil on a smaller burner (6 cm)


When it boils (it is very important that it boils) the clean broth (we have strained it) we taste the salt! better a little sweet. Now is when we add the 4 almost full cups (of the brown size ones) of rice, and stirring from time to time we maintain a high heat for 8 to 10 minutes and low heat for 10 minutes. EYE NOT ONE MORE!

(They come out 4 large portions of rice or 5 to 6 less abundant)

While the rice cooks, we carefully remove the other ingredients, placing them in a well-distributed source. The balls and the veal and chicken meat in a source or bowl, in another, the potatoes, chickpeas, stalks, and carrots (grouped, not mixed. That is, all the chickpeas together, the stalks also, the potatoes and carrots) The bones, the hen, the napicol, the turnip, and parsnip are thrown away.

Serve the rice and let it rest for 10 minutes.

You eat the rice and then the rest.

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