Spit pork knuckle


2 pork knuckles, 1 kg each
1 onion
2 nails

The knuckles are washed, dried well, and put in a container with two liters of boiling water, salt, and a little pepper.

Then add the peeled onion, a bay leaf, and the cloves; let everything cook over moderate heat for an hour.

During this time, the foam should be removed frequently.

After cooking, the knuckles are removed from the water and cuts are made in the skin with the help of a sharp knife.

They are skewered on the skewer of the oven and roasted for an hour and a half on the grill.

Once roasted, they are served accompanied by a salad and some appropriate sauce for roast meats.

Pork knuckles are much tastier when grilled over charcoal.

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