Rice with chard and snails


1 garba or bunch of fresh chard.
1 handful of snails.
1 handful of soft crab.
1 small potato.
1 ripe tomato.
1 cup (of coffee) of rice per person.
Olive oil.
2 dried garlic.

In the first place, and in advance, the snails will be cleaned very well by scrubbing them with water and salt so that they remove the slime well, and then we will deceive them in a bowl with warm water and in the sun; When they are stunned, we will put them in a water bath over very low heat until they die, and then we will boil them with salt and rosemary for about 15 minutes. We reserve them. We will also have the chard well cleaned and washed, cut very small, as well as the potato.

Next, we will make the sauce in the same saucepan that we are going to use, putting the oil, garlic, and tomato. When it is almost, we will add the chard along with the potato and the garrofó. Add the paprika and give it a few turns and add the water and salt.

This is how we will let it cook, first over high heat to bring it up to temperature, and then over very low heat, until the broth is “good” and a bit stuck (from 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the ingredients). Halfway through cooking, we will put the snails.

After this time, we will remove the potato and mash it with a fork, as well as part of the garrofó, to lock the broth (make it a little thick). We will rectify it with salt if necessary (There are those who put half a cube of concentrated broth)

Finally, we will add the rice, taking into account stirring from time to time.

It would not be bad to have the foresight to set aside a little broth before adding the rice and adding it to your taste in the dish, as this recipe can be made of honeyed or soupy rice, to suit the diner.

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