Peppers stuffed with rice and cod


1 red pepper per person.
150 g of cod chopped up and without skin or bones.
1 small natural tomato.
2 tablespoons of crushed tomato.
Garlic rolled to taste.
Pine nuts to taste.
Parsley chopped to taste.
1 cup of coffee filled with Bomba rice per pepper.

Traditional preparation of the recipe for peppers stuffed with rice with cod for 4 people:

Important, desalt the cod 24 hours before or more, depending on our taste. Remember to preheat the oven to 180º.

The first thing we will do is wash the peppers well, cut the upper cap, reserve it, and empty them of seeds. We spread each pepper with oil and reserve on one side. One tip, keep an eye on the cap that belongs to each pepper so that the lids will fit well later.

Cut the garlic and the not very chopped parsley and set aside.

In a pan, we put the oil and brown the garlic without burning. Add the cod and fry a little, then the tomato and fry over low heat. Important, that all the broth is not lost as it will be necessary for the rice to cook.

At this point, we add the rice and fry it, giving it a few turns. Add the pine nuts and parsley. If we want to add salt, it is time.

We fill the peppers each time putting a tablespoon of the mixture on each pepper to distribute the content equally. Just fill 3/4 of the pepper. We place the corresponding cap on each pepper.

We place them upright in an oven-safe container, one next to the other without falling, cover them with aluminum foil to create more steam and put them in the oven at 200ºC, heat up and down for an hour and a half or two, depending on the type of oven.

Once that time has passed, check that the rice is well done and if not, leave it for 5 more minutes. The meat of the peppers should be cooked and tender. If it burns a little on the top, nothing happens.

Let them rest for about 5 minutes so that the pepper finishes releasing its juice and because they are very, very hot.

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