Garlic arriero recipe


1kg of potato.
400g of cod.
2 hard-boiled eggs (optional).
4 cloves of garlic
Olive oil.

Traditional garlic arriero recipe for 4 people

To desalt the cod, it is left to soak from the day before and the water is changed at least three times before boiling. Once desalted, it is drained. The potatoes are then peeled, chopped, and placed in a pot with water, where they must be cooked together with the cod until they are tender.

At the same time, the garlic cloves are peeled and mashed with the help of a mortar. When the potatoes are cooked, they are incorporated into the mortar and also mashed, with a little of the cooking broth. When a paste has been obtained, add the cod – previously crumbled and freed from thorns – and the parsley, and work the mixture again with the mortar. Next, it is watered with a jet of abundant oil, stirred a little more and it is ready to serve. If desired, it can be decorated with a chopped hard-boiled egg.

[Garlic arriero is usually accompanied by fried bread]

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