Baked rice recipe


1 Kilo of rice (4 glasses or cups).
4 deciliters of oil (4 cups of coffee).
1 kilo of meaty pork rib (they are 2 pieces per person).
8 wings (only the thigh part).
2 or 3 meat sausages.
800g of chickpeas already cooked or frozen (if they are small cans, I put 4 cans).
1 large head of garlic.
4 teeth of”Napicol” large or 2 medium.
2 potatoes
Sweet paprika.
Saffron coloring (2 sachets).

Casserole of about 24 cm in diameter (minimum). 10 cm gas burner. We heat the oil. Sauté the head of garlic. We brown the ribs and before they are completely golden, we toss the chicken until it turns a golden color.

Add the sliced ​​garlic (we wait for it to give aroma and color, important that it does not burn). We add the “napicol” cut into cubes (+ or – six cubes per person) we give it two turns, mixing well. We add a teaspoon of sweet pepper.

We take the head of garlic and reserve it. Immediately after we pour 9 glasses of tap water. By reducing we will have the necessary 8. BEWARE! If the chickpeas are not cooked, add them now.

Boil over high heat for 20 minutes and simmer for 45 more minutes. Almost about to turn off the fire, I add the chickpeas if they are already cooked (the frozen and canned ones already are).

Turn off the heat and strain the broth. Heat the oven to 220º (air option if the oven has one). I put the ingredients in the final casserole (a low-walled casserole of about 35cms. Or a little more is suitable. It may be made of clay) and we put it on the fire

Add the rice and sauté it, mixing well with the ingredients (barely 2 minutes) over high heat, and then add the laminated potato and the black pudding in tacos, well distributed on the surface and the garlic head in the center.

We add 8 cups of the broth that we have strained and that is boiling (be careful, so that the rice comes out at its point, to each cup of broth we remove a finger) and add the saffron. Over high heat and then add the laminated potato and the black pudding into tacos, well distributed and the garlic head in the center

Let it boil for 5 minutes on the fire, and then 25 minutes in the oven, which is already at 220º. It is important that it rest for a while before serving.

Tips and Tricks:

Rice is a cereal that has many varieties, which can be grouped into three fundamental types depending on the grain: round, semi-long, or long. The one with the most tradition in our kitchen is the first; however, long-grain rice is beginning to be used more frequently today, perhaps because of the ease with which it is loose.

The rice should cook between 15 and 20 minutes, over high heat until it starts to boil; then, little by little it is lowered (first over a moderate heat and then slowly) until the cooking is finished.

If during cooking the rice —even uncooked— remains very dry, add hot or boiling water and stir it so that the loose grains remain. The water must be salted before so that the rice does not lose its flavor.

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